In order to support TeamSeas

The Seajam took place two months ago, during November 2021. It was organized in order to fund the TeamSeas movement. The only restriction was that games should be centered around water or the oceans.

Being a big fan of platformer, I made one, starting on my entry half-way trough November.

An interesting take on water

The game’s pretty simple, you can move around, jump, and ground-pound. I didn’t really knew how to make water physics, so I simply reversed the gravity when the player’s underwater. This is actually an interesting mechanic, allowing the player to be very in control of it’s vertical movement ( in addition to the ground-pound ).

There’s 6 levels, with 3 different themes, and also a handfull of collectibles :

  • You gain a medal if you beat a level quickly enough
  • and another one if you eliminate every enemy and clean all the trash

It also has been tested on live ! ( at approximatively 6 hours and 57 minutes )


Overflown is freely available for Linux, MacOS and Windows on itch.io.

Technical details

The game’s made in python with the pygame module, and the source code is available on the chapril’s forge. I also used pyinstaller in order to package my game.



  • Overworld : Kevin MacLeod - Itty Bitty 8 Bit
  • Level 1 & 6 : Jeremy Blake - Powerup
  • Level 2 & 5 : Quincas Moreira - Robot City
  • Level 3 & 4 : Kubbi - Up In My Jam
  • Intro and ending : The Whole Other - 8-Bit Dreamscape


Sprites are mostly made by Grafxkid and Etqws3. All sprites are slightly edited, mainly to fit the Na16 palette.

Sound effects

All are generated using JSFXR