A new site …

I was previously coding my site by hand. It was kinda tedious and it looked not that nice. So, it was time for a change.

With a new look …

I’m now using Hugo for building my website, using the terminal theme. My posts are now written in Markdown. If you didn’t know Hugo already, go check it out !

In a new place !

I just discovered a really neat site, called sr.ht, proposing numerous services based on free software. They can host static sites in a really usefull way. This site is now hosted on their servers.

If you need it, I made a small bash script for automatically generating your Hugo site and uploading it to SourceHut’s service


hugo -D
tar -C public -cvz . > site.tar.gz
curl --oauth2-bearer "ACCESS_TOKEN" -Fcontent=@site.tar.gz https://pages.sr.ht/publish/USERNAME.srht.site
rm site.tar.gz

(You should obviously replace ACCESS_TOKEN and USERNAME with yours)

Anyway, don’t hesitate to send me some feedback !