Neutron is a simple strategy board-game, however it is relatively unknown. I actually first heard of this game at a local game convention some years ago, and I really liked it. It’s pretty easy to pick up, but isn’t too simple.


The game takes place on a 5 * 5 board, with two players in front of each other. Each player have five pieces ( called Soldiers ), on the line in front of them. In addition to these pieces, there’s one more in the middle of the board, called the Neutron. All those pieces move in all 8 directions, and move as far as they can go.


Each turn, the player must first move the neutron, then one of their soldiers.

However, for the first turn of the game, the player only moves one if their soldiers.

Game’s end

The goal is to get the neutron to your line ( the line where your soldiers started ). Another way to win is to completely surround the neutron, so that it can’t move when it’s your opponent’s turn.

My own remake

It was initially invented by Robert Kraus in 1978, and since then there was not a lot of digital remakes. So I decided to make one !

You can get my own remake on my itch page.

I programmed it in Love2D, you can find the source here.

It is available on Android, so that you can play with a friend on the go :)