2024-02-19 ~Hack~ ELISE

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ELISE, an Yume-Nikki-like SM64 romhack

You may have heard of Yume Nikki, a rather well-known rpg in which you explore bizarre dreams.

Well, now you can do that in the Super Mario 64 engine!

ELISE is a Super Mario 64 romhack made by Team Cornersoft. You play as Elise, exploring their dreams while beeing trapped asleep.

The gameplay is pretty easy, the difficulty is about finding your way through this maze-like world.

The main reason to play this hack is the art direction. It is simply one of the prettiest hack I ever played. Every scene is carefully crafted. Some are funny, others are scary, and some are just plain beautiful.

The HUD, menus, and fonts are all being replaced, and there's even some voice acting, as well as a whole original soundtrack!

The hack itself is really quick to beat, but if you want to complete it 100%, you'll need to search a bit intensely to not miss anything.

It took me about 2 hours to master it, so it is really not that bad.

I really recommend it if you want to try something new!

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