A new site !

Theo's web corner

I've (once again) remade my site, this time using Ploum's site generator.

Huge thanks to them for making the source available !

I've slightly tailored it to better fit my needs, and clean a tiny bit the source code.

Here's a quick list of what I changed:

I chose this generator because it has everything I wanted for my blog. An easy way to have posts in French or English, the support of RSS/Atom feeds, and most importantly a gemini support.

Once again, I'm really greatful that Ploum made this tool !

I plan to upload my own version of this generator somewhere. Check my "software" page for updates !

If you can read this, then maybe you're interested in subscribing by RSS. There's also a RSS flux in French.

I also sometimes make things.

Thanks for your time ❤